About KPS

Established in November 2001, KPS Consultants form a specialist Management Consulting Organisation providing Portfolio, Programme, Project, Change and Risk Management capabilities primarily delivered through Interim Management, Consulting and Training.

KPS Consultants are not only specialists in programme and project management, they possess what we like to refer to as 'T-shaped' skills i.e. a broad knowledge spectrum across multiple disciplines. We highly value the specialist skills of our consultants, our multidisciplinary competencies, and the contributions to our shared mission and values. Through collaboration and teamwork, we nurture a community built on respect and trust.

Having provided interim management, consulting and training capabilities to a diverse range of initiatives, KPS Consultants will be able to guide or support you and provide you with the programme/project management skills that are at a premium within your organisations initiatives. Furthermore we boast highly competitive rates for all our consultants who operate as part of a single unified company. KPS takes a very different approach to both our client’s needs with hands-on Director level advocacy, and KPS Consultants who feel proud to be part of the same team. Importantly, KPS takes the outcome of all portfolio, programme and project engagements we participate in extremely seriously. KPS Consultants understand that each customer is unique as are the challenges and opportunities that each organisation faces. Over time, KPS Consultants have continued to perfect their interim management, consulting and training capabilities by listening to our customer needs and providing an outstanding level of commitment and dedication, second to none.

KPS believes that merely having qualifications and experience alone is not enough to be part of our team. What more can there be? In our view there are far more personal attributes and qualities required to provide our clients with the level of service superiority which KPS holds so close to its heart.

KPS Managing Directors Vision

The Managing Director’s vision for KPS Consultants Ltd (KPS) stemmed from his profound focus on honesty, ethics and integrity. Having experienced the frustration of not being able to source reliable, delivery focused and committed specialists from suppliers which truly valued and invested in their employees and subsequently being inspired by a single email from the CEO of his former organisation, he turned his attention to nurturing KPS Consultants.

KPS Consultants' MD had a simple vision, ‘To create a truly agile and elite workforce of the highest competence. KPS Consultants would not only be qualified and experienced but deliver a humble yet superior service to clients interlaced with mandatory soft qualities such as honesty, heart, passion, ethics and integrity.

The KPS Mission

The KPS mission is to ensure:

  • KPS Consultants serve as a catalyst for promoting, initiating and deploying Best Practice Portfolio, Programme, Project, Change and Risk Management at an organisational level.
  • Ensure Heart, Passion, Ethics and Integrity are the key ingredients of everything KPS Consultants do and to reinstill client’s confidence in the true meaning of the word 'service'.
  • Provide clients with high performance, qualified and skilled KPS Consultants and/or Interim Management Support specialists.

KPS Business Strategy

The KPS business strategy is governed and defined by the following baseline objectives:

  • Partnering - Nurture and develop long term partnering relationships with clients enabling a win, win, win situation (Client, KPS and Employees).
  • Quality - Provide capabilities that are of the highest quality standard whilst ensuring that KPS Consultants become known for their ‘right first time’ approach.
  • Competitive - KPS will continue to remain competitive as demonstrated by an unchanged rate card scheme for three consecutive years despite an ever increasing industry benchmark and inflation, this is largely owing to our ability to keep overheads to a minimum. Additionally, KPS Consultants will continue to invest in and sustain expertise in portfolio, programme, project, change and risk management.
  • Employee – Empower and reward KPS Consultants when exceptional performance has been achieved.
  • Growth - KPS will grow in numbers only through a strong focus on quality versus quantity. KPS will not compromise clients by supplying inadequate unskilled employees/consultants.
  • Learning - KPS will continue to place high priority on developing existing and new skills for all employees through the KPS Skill Development Programme. KPS will ensure that the procurement of training responds to the demands of the business and that each employee continually improves in line with their Skill Development actions, the organisations objectives and client demands.
  • Alliances - KPS aims to develop select strategic alliances with organisations that have synergies with KPS Consultants, thus offering clients additional value add capabilities. KPS will not compromise clients through the use of such alliances.
  • Value - KPS Consultants always go the extra mile, not only when requested by a client, but by default, this feature comes as standard issue with all KPS Consultants! KPS Consultants will continue to be highly responsive and will always tell clients the truth even at the risk of KPS losing a contract!! Indeed in any rare circumstances whereby a client should not want or accept the truth, KPS would voluntarily terminate any such contract!

Why KPS Consultants?

9 simple reasons why you should choose KPS and KPS Consultants

  • Strong values that lead the way
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Governed by Best Practice
  • Flexible Approach
  • Highly Responsive
  • Quality of Service
  • Seamless Integration
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Committed to helping clients succeed

KPS Consultants promise is to serve client programme's and projects as though they were our own. KPS turns the 'us and them' into a 'we' by working closely with your existing organisational structure. A client's success results in the success of KPS Consultants!

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