KPS Employee Feedback

"I truly believe KPS Consultants' Directors are special and one of the very few miracles in life. One day I will tell my story!"

"Dear God, sometimes we pray for things that we cannot articulate, sometimes we pray for things that we don't understand, sometimes we ask for blessings that we don't deserve, sometimes we ask for help that is already there! Today morning the 9th October 2007 I pray for KPS Consultants' Directors Nish & Maya, I pray for your blessing upon them in every area of their lives, I pray for you to favour them as they have extended favour to others, I ask for you to bring them success as they have brought success to others, I ask for your never ending love for them as they have loved others. Today, I pray for Nish & Maya."

"I just wanted to advise you that I think Maya Kotecha is an amazing mentor!! Maya Kotecha's dedication to her mentees astounds me to this day and in my opinion I believe she deserves to be awarded KPS Consultant of the Year when its time, not just for today, but for "being her" all year round!!. Maya can be tough, but she's always fair! Just an observation I wanted to share with you as the Managing Director."

"Even after all these years of being with KPS Consultants it still amazes me that the directors of KPS Consultants always let employees know how much they care about them. Heart and passion truly is the life and soul of KPS Consultants!! Thank you for always reminding us of that, It always makes me smile and you guys really are in a league of your own!!! Oh and... bring on Deutschland!! Ich hoffe, dass wir vielen spass haben!!"

"Inspirational and dedicated is how I would best describe KPS Consultants Directors. Their aptitude and mind set never cease to amaze me and I am positive that anyone that has met them would agree. With their unique mentoring, patience and support they have helped me become the KPS Consultant that I am today and without this I would never have achieved this level. I'm truly astounded to have been awarded KPS Consultant of the Year 2006. My appreciation can not be expressed through a simple thank you because what ever the case, good or bad, KPS Consultants Directors have always been there for me and shown me the way to the greatest heights. I am sincerely forever grateful."

"KPS Consultants Directors truly are employers of a different nature, no others would be as supportive and understanding as them."

"I feel very fortunate to be part of KPS Consultants where people are looked after so well. KPS Consultants has open doors for me which I never thought would be in my life enabling me to develop myself as well as being a good representative for the company. I know I always say thank you but I truly do mean it from the bottom of my heart. KPS Consultants support, encouragement and belief in me are attributes that are by far the most valued by me"

"Within KPS Consultants, above all recognition the most rewarding thing for me is actually being part of a company which genuinely cares about both its consultants and clients"

"I'm grateful to have KPS Consultants Directors in my life - thanks for always being there"

"KPS Consultants presents a unique learning culture and a supportive environment for all its consultants where each consultant is able to walk on a new road whilst being able to follow the foot prints of role models who will inspire you and guide you through the road to success."

"KPS Consultants has presented me with the opportunity to work with real projects and take on real responsibility from the onset. This has enabled me to learn and be inspired at a director level."

"One of the distinctive difference about KPS Consultants is that it is an organisation which values it’s consultants as real people and as individuals."

“KPS Consultants Managing Director has been of great support to not only me, but the rest of the team. He shows true dedication and passion to everything he puts his mind to. I feel that I have excelled in my own role due to his caring nature and drive to want others to succeed as he has. KPS Consultants Managing Director knows when someone has it ‘in them’, and when they do, he knows how to get it ‘out of them’. He is a great leader and role model!”

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