KPS Best Practice Roadshow 2009 (KPS BPR 2009)

The KPS Best Practice Roadshow 2009 will incorporate increased workshop flexibility and availability in order to address key feedback KPS has received from organisations to date from the KPS BPR 2008 event. The KPS Best Practice Roadshow 2009 is also open to organisations across Europe! (subject to availability and registration).

The KPS BPR 2009 will cover the entire month of June 2009 giving organisations an increased number of dates and a choice of AM/PM slots for which they can register to receive a free KPS BPR 2009 workshop. For BPR 2009, KPS also invites organisations / delegates to 'suggest a subject'.

Perhaps your organisation missed one of the workshops from the BPR 2008 schedule, no problem, simply let us know and we'll add it to the BPR 2009 schedule (pending availability). The earlier you register, the more likely you will receive a free workshop on the date and time of your choice and covering the subject matter you most desire!

Owing to the increased flexibility from one week to one month, unfortunately, KPS will not be offering any options to 'extend' the KPS BPR 2009 schedule beyond the confines of June 2009 unless otherwise stated and dates/workshops will be reserved strictly on a first come first serve basis (this means fully completed registration forms).

We apologise to those organisations that were not able to secure a BPR 2008 workshop potentially owing to time constraints, however no excuses this time round as the KPS BPR 2009 has been announced over one year in advance! So, don't delay, register today for your free KPS BPR 2009 Workshop! Email KPS for more information, to suggest a subject or simply to register and reserve a date and time.

KPS BPR 2009 Schedule

ID Workshop Domain When Status


UKAS ISO 9001 - Whether David or Goliath, A First and Foremost Essential? June 2009 Delivered


Project Management & Agile - Management and Technocracy in Perfect Harmony? June 2009 Delivered


Change Control or Change Management - Do you know the difference? June 2009 Delivered


N/A June 2009 Cancelled with regret - Client Priority


Risk Management & Risk Mitigation - Common Sense or Rocket Science? June 2009 Delivered


Managing Successful Programme's in ICT June 2009 Delivered


N/A June 2009 Cancelled with regret - Client Priority


The hidden gems of MS Project - by experience not a certificate. June 2009 Delivered


The PPSO/PMO, an organisations most valuable entity - How effective is yours? June 2009 Delivered