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Access Keys

Below is a list of standard access keys currently in use throughout this site in addition to other site or menu specific access keys.

Most Windows browsers: Hold ALT>Press Assigned Access Key.
Internet Explorer: Hold ALT>Press Assigned Access Key>Enter.
Macintosh platform: Hold down the left-hand 'Control' and press the access key on the keyboard. (e.g. Control-1 navigates to the home page).

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Documents (Adobe PDF)

Where links to documents are provided on this site they are primarily published in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). The Adobe reader comes in several versions, made to suit different types of computer operating systems. You can download the version designed to work on your system by following adobe's guidance.


If you are experiencing problems with legibility, or you find that this site is uncomfortable to read, you may wish to consider changing to a larger font. Most modern browsers increasingly have built in functionality for increasing text size. As an example in Internet Explorer, in the menu bar go to View > Text Size and select your preferred size. You can also zoom in and out of any of our sites pages to enhance legibility to suit your needs. This can be done by: pressing and holding down the control key on the keyboard then pressing '+' or '-' a number of times as required.


You can navigate to different pages by using the main menu and corresponding sub- menu's. When you move your cursor over any menu hyperlinks you will notice that the cursor changes to a hand and further alternate text or titles maybe displayed along with access key information and description. You can then click your mouse to go to the page containing the information. The KPS web site breadcrumb under the main menu serves as a guide to the site hierarchy. As the breadcrumb contains links you will be able to return to the home page or previous pages within that section.


The web site can be automatically translated into the multiple languages through a service which is powered by Google Language Tools. If you wish to translate this site please select one of the available options from Google Language Tools to select your desired language.

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