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KPS takes this opportunity to wish all a very merry christmas and prosperous new year! Hope the christmas lunch is going well, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a little mulled wine, chestnuts. roasts and lots of favourite movies to relax over. St Paul's - Great! Mass - Great! Sandringham - Great! Look after your loved ones, neighbours, the elderly and those in need over the festive period. Don't forget the sales, but be sure to buy British!
25th December 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS reaches it's 9th Anniversary today, albeit not much time for celebrations. However, the fantastic Royal news of Prince William's engagement to Miss Catherine Middleton on this very day more than made up for it! Heartiest congratulations and very best wishes for the future to Prince William, Catherine Middleton and their families.
16th November 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS is delighted to confirm that the company has been selected to provide HR Consultancy and assurance services including but not limited to the interviewing and recruitment of project management and IT resources on behalf of a leading well known client. We are proud that the client had stated 'ideally we need someone like Maya Kotecha!'
5th November 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS reports that the company has served formal notice of termination to BSI (British Standards Institute) for its UKAS ISO 9001 registration services and fees. The latter does not affect our registration as an ACP. For information or questions please contact KPS by email.
7th October 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS reports that Maya Kotecha has been appointed Programme Manager for a major group wide next generation web delivery platform. Maya Kotecha was honoured to be selected as Programme Manager by the highly affluent chairman of a major international client.
14th September 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS is delighted to announce that KPS Race for Life 2010 has doubled its baseline fundraising target as of today. Thanks to each and every one of our sponsors, as of 19th August 2010 the total funds raised amount to an amazing £3,000.00 + £451.85 Gift Aid plus supplement. Words simply can not express our gratitude enough. Thank you so much!
19th August 2010 ¦ KPS News
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  • KPS Race for Life 2010 exceeds baseline KPS fundraising target for Cancer Research UK.
  • KPS awarded new Interim Management and Consultancy contract for P3M, Acquisitions, Mergers, Organisational Restructure, Planning, Systems & Business Integration, Business Process Improvement.
5th August 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS is proud to introduce the KPS Race for Life 2010 (as part of KPS Events) and to announce that Team KPS - Maya Kotecha, Becky and Mitali have successfully completed the KPS Race for Life 2010 on 25th July 2010 at Kingston and Kempton Park. Team KPS have so far managed to raise 800 GBP plus 191.79 GBP Gift Aid in one week for Cancer Research UK. Please help KPS Race for Life 2010 exceed its target for a great cause. Learn more.
27th July 2010 ¦ KPS News
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Nish and Maya Kotecha attend an exclusive wedding by special invitation from a former manager of a KPS Director (almost 15 years ago!) and client (Heard of Grid Technology? If yes, you may figure out who!). The wedding events took place at highly prestigious private grounds in Buckinghamshire. Nish & Maya Kotecha were delighted to make acquaintances with leading figures in the Interim Management, Consulting and Training domains as well as VC's and entrepreneurs from various other specialist business sectors. If this wasn't impressive enough how about dinner, drinks, fireworks display (witnessing the international space station passing through the heavens above) and breakfast the next morning with a direct representative of Her Majesty the Queen.
3rd July 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS News confirms that the company has successfully passed its 4th year external audit by BSI against the UKAS ISO 9001 standard with top marks. Zero outstanding or new NCP's were identified. KPS continuously assesses the value of such subscriptions, accreditations and suppliers to ourselves and ultimately our clients (top priority). KPS' decision to maintain ISO 9001 registration for the 4th consecutive year should by no means imply BSI or indeed UKAS ISO 9001 itself is exempt from ongoing scrutiny with reference to the value brought to ourselves and our clients. KPS follows a simple philosophy, if it yields no real benefit or RoI why do it in the first place. Could the investment, both in terms of time and cost, be better utilised elsewhere? Would the investment be better passed on directly to clients, employees, associates or those in need? At this point in time however, UKAS ISO 9001 is one such subscription we will continuie with. KPS will continue its own assessment over the next period.
11th - 17th June 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS was delighted to offer champagne, canapes and sunshine on a private flight aboard the London Eye, United Kingdom! Why? Maya Kotecha - KPS CoTY 2008 & 2009 (Stage 2) and most importantly our own small way of saying thank you as best we can. A list of individuals/organisations whom KPS would like to thank for their participation and support:

  • Maya Kotecha, KPS
  • Progressive Media Group (PMG)
  • Royal Navy/MoD & KPS Associate
  • UK Government/Parliament, Alan Keen
  • World Super Yachts
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Progressive Digital Media
  • New Statesman
  • London College of Fashion
  • L'Oreal
  • Vinci Plc
  • Herbert Smith
  • Heston Education
  • Barclays
  • BT Innovation & Design
  • BT Group
  • BT Openreach
  • NHS (3 Trusts from across the UK)
  • TMN Group
  • Affiliate Futures

24th April 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS confirms that the company will be dropping its Investors in People (IIP) award on the 24th May 2010. The IIP award will be the second award/certification which KPS will have voluntarily dropped as a result of the companies ongoing benefits realisation activities, reviews and lessons learned over many years. A very happy St. Georges day indeed from KPS to all.
23rd April 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS adds The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) to it's client list.
23rd March 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded a contract for portfolio, programme, project and business management consulting services with an international client spanning UK, Europe, US, India and Australia.
5th March 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS Consultant of the Year 2008 & KPS Consultant of the Year 2009? In three words - unequivocally Maya Kotecha!

Maya Kotecha simultaneously received both the KPS CoTY 2008 & KPS CoTY 2009 plaque at Stage 1 of the award ceremony at the top of BT Tower!
The event was sponsored by BT Group, to whom, we owe our gratitude. BT Tower is by special invitation only and not open to the public. Little did Maya Kotecha expect that Stage 1 of the event was to be held at BT Tower with the following highly distinguished honorary guests, clients and award presenters:

  • Regional Director, BT
  • Head of Customer Experience, BT Business
  • Head of Programme Management & Programme Director, BT Openreach
  • Chairman, Association for Project Management (APM)
  • Publisher, New Statesman
  • Deputy Editor, New Statesman
  • ICT Programme Manager, NHS
  • Estates Operations Manager, NHS
  • ICT Technical Specialist, NHS
  • Group HR Manager, Progressive Digital Media
  • Development Manager, Progressive Media Group
  • Senior Developer, Progressive Media Group
  • Head of Design, TMN Group

10th February 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS Event Alert - Construction/Building Projects? Many consumers up and down the country have suffered at the hands of rogue cowboy builders/traders in the construction/building industry and many at the hands of illegal immigrants/workers in the UK, some perhaps even working illegally with the full knowledge, support and recommendation of UK citizens/UK registered companies or indeed corrupt staff in organisations that have authority in the UK (one could say - the enemy within). Do you have such a cowboy builder experience to share? if so, we'd love to hear from you. By request, and in an attempt to promote best practices within the construction industry KPS Consultants to work with a major UK construction authority starting by delivering a capability presentation on MS Project as a project planning tool for construction/building projects. If you are either from, or have a keen interest in the construction, building or associated industries and wish to attend please contact us and we will put you in touch with the sponsoring construction authority for further details. Cost - N/A - Limited places only and without any guarantee that a place will be available until you receive confirmation from the sponsoring construction authority.
27th January 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS attends exclusive New Year reception to celebrate 2010 with New Statesman alumni and distinguished guests from both the private and public sectors.
20th January 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS confirms launch of New Statesman Business.
12th January 2010 ¦ KPS News
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KPS confirms third consecutive affirmation of framework agreement with a major client to continue provision of services.
4th - 5th January 2010 ¦ KPS News
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