KPS Training

KPS Training delivers on or offsite training in alignment with various best practice tools, techniques and methodologies. KPS Training includes, but is not necessarily limited to,

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning with MS Project
  • Programme Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Maturity Models
  • Quality Management

KPS Training, where appropriate or necessary, maybe delivered in collaboration with, or by preferred KPS Training associates or KPS Training partners.

As clients from the UK and overseas will have experienced KPS Training is not about 'passing exams or multiple choice papers' moreover KPS Training is about knowledge transfer from us to you through our years of hands-on project and business management experience. Not many trainers, mentors or coaches spend the majority of their time actually delivering projects, this is precisely how KPS differs! As our core business is the physical delivery of programmes and projects through Interim Management and Consulting assignments, it seemed sensible not to let this experience go to waste! KPS Training seeks to help you improve productivity through application of knowledge acquired back at your work place. KPS Training is 100% fully customisable around your time, your needs and your budget! The rules revolve around you and the syllabus of all KPS Training is designed by you, the client! Alternatively we are happy to suggest a KPS Training programme to suit your needs.

For further information on KPS Training contact KPS.