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How have KPS Consultants been able to make such a huge difference on their clients projects with the clients organisation usually being so much bigger than ours? In short KPS Consultants operate to UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Quality standards (QMS).

The Managing Director of KPS explains:

"I see KPS Consultants has having the same effect as throwing a small and highly polished pebble into a large lake, causing a small ripple. The effect of the pebble may well be minor to start with, however if the client see's real business benefits, then internal support rapidly builds up in the form of other ripples. This internal support allows the transformation of ripples into waves. I see these 'waves' as productive business change, organisational development and the cascading of best practice methodologies within our clients organisation. You may ask why I chose to use the adjective 'highly polished' when describing the small pebble which represents KPS Consultants, in a word I'd have to say Quality."

Is KPS Consultants UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Accredited / Certified?

Superimposed on our professional and industry specific experience, KPS held Quality Management System accreditation in accordance with UKAS BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard since March 2006 (Initial Registration). Our most recent certification reflects certification to May 2012. KPS has thus held UKAS ISO 9001 Certification from 2006 to 2012. However, we served Notice of Termination to BSI on 7th October 2010 (as stated in our news pages) and thus we voluntary cut short that certification period to end in April 2011 (5th Year). Whilst we continue to maintain our QMS, the purpose of this resource is simply to provide historical information pertaining to our ISO 9001 certification via BSI.

BSI Auditors Closing Statement:

At Initial Registration, BSI's Auditor made the following remark: 'KPS Consultants have not only demonstrated the operation of a robust Quality Management System, but also a strong commitment to continual improvement. The systems in place are suitable for growth and exposure to a wide variety of industries. KPS Consultants are truly a breath of fresh air.'

KPS Consultants Quality Management Policy:

KPS Consultants Quality Management System embraces and complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and is supplemented by best practice project management methodology. The KPS commitment to industry wide best practice business management systems such as ISO 9001:2008 is essential to our workforce and the success of not only KPS Consultants but also the success of client projects.

KPS Consultants Quality Policy is upheld by the following primary objectives which drive strategic improvements throughout KPS Consultants Ltd and our client base.

  • Understand our customers current and future requirements
  • Responsiveness to our customer needs
  • Focus on business benefits we can bring to our clients organisation (not features)
  • KPS Consultants & Associates must strive to exceed (not only meet) customer expectations at all times
  • Provide our customers with value added services and products
  • Provide open, trusting and effective communications with our customers, partners, associates and suppliers
  • Ensure high quality controls and procedures are implemented and maintained throughout the organisation
  • Constant measurement and monitoring of all operations
  • Continuous improvement across all disciplines and implementation of innovative quality improvement initiatives
  • Provide services and products which meet industry standards and best practice
  • Encourage KPS Consultants & KPS Associates to fully understand the significance of achieving customer satisfaction through quality management disciplines and best practice