KPS Recruitment Process

KPS has a thorough recruitment process which can take time and demands more thoughtful attention than average. We believe that the process is well worth it as it helps you to truly understand our core values and how we integrate it into everything that we do. We also feel our process ultimately helps ensure a great fit for everyone as candidates that go through it ultimately learn a lot about KPS and hopefully something about themselves too. Moreover, it is a fundamental obligation and ethical duty for KPS Consultants to protect and serve the interests of clients at all times and without fail. The KPS Recruitment Process is geared towards ensuring this always remains the case. KPS would rather turn business away than to supply services that are anything less than superior. If you still think you have what it takes to be a KPS Consultant, please read on. Please note that interviews and other visits are strictly by appointment/invitation only. Those that visit without appointment will not be permitted access or be seen and may be escorted off site by security and blacklisted, preventing further future visits. Please also refer to the 'Notes' section below before applying.

Application Stage

  1. Please send in an application cover letter, a full and updated CV along with your full contact details, a land line number of your permanent residence which you may be contacted on and evidence of your right to work in the United Kingdom. If you have been referred by an individual or organisation whom already has established contacts with us it would be in applicants best interests to declare these details in full. You must send at least five professional references (including your current or most recent employer) and five personal references with your application. Please note that all email addresses for professional references must be that of the references current organisation and NOT a free email address such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, msn, outlook, btinternet etc. Likewise for personal references where possible. Applications that do not contain the aforementioned information are likely to be rejected without response. If for legitimate reasons your are unable to submit a complete application, you must explain why when writing to us.
  2. You must enclose your certificates such as degrees, professional qualifications, awards of achievements you have received such as registration / number details of any professional bodies you are a member of. For example if you claim to be qualified in any specific area you must include your certificate and registration number.
  3. If your application is substantially incomplete, it will not be considered and you will not receive a response. If there are any further questions we have post application and we require further details we may contact you requesting additional information.
  4. During Application Stage, select applicants will be required to attend an initial pre-qualification meeting.
  5. If you do not receive a response and/or invitation to a pre-qualification interview within two weeks of your application, please consider your application as being rejected or unsuitable for our requirements.

Qualification Stage

  1. Pending a legitimate and complete application, full validation of your references, credentials, right to work in the UK and importantly a suitable personality, an acknowledgment will be sent back to you confirming whether or not KPS would like to proceed to the formal interviewing stage.
  2. Should KPS feel at this stage that you are not suitable, we will advise you in writing from which point your application will be regarded as a 'closed'.
  3. Qualification stage activities shall survive the entire duration of the KPS Recruitment Process up to applicants being issued with a contract of employment and beyond as required by KPS e.g. throughout any employment period.

Interviewing Stage

  1. The interview stage consists of two rigorous interviews and will focus on your personal qualities, past project experiences, lessons learned and why you think you are right for KPS. During the first interview, in the presence of KPS interviewers, you will be expected to complete a candidate evaluation questionnaire, a candidate capability matrix and participate in other assessment activities and/or tests (both practical and theory). These latter activities will be constrained by time.
  2. Within two weeks of your first interview you will be notified whether you have been successful, if so you will be invited to a second interview. If unsuccessful you will not be invited to a second interview and the application will be closed.
  3. Within two weeks of your second interview, a decision will be made and you will be notified of the final decision either by email or phone. In exceptional circumstances you may be offered a position immediately at the end of the second interview. In some occasions both the first and second interview may take place on the same day.


Make sure you don't waste your time and effort or ours by ensuring a complete application is submitted at the start. The more details provided during the application stage the better it will be for applicants. If any of the above is unclear or if you have any questions or queries regarding the process please do not hesitate to contact KPS.

If at any point in time applicants are found to have falsified their application, lied or behaved unprofessionally either prior to or during employment, the offending applicant will either not be issued with a contract of employment or be dismissed immediately thereafter, as appropriate and regardless of any other communication that may have been issued by KPS Consultants Ltd. The KPS Recruitment Process may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of KPS Consultants Ltd without notice to meet our business requirements and to protect our clients interests.

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