PRINCE2 Workshops

KPS Consultants' PRINCE2 Workshops are highly interactive workshops designed to focus on the core concepts and techniques of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) PRINCE2 project management methodology.

OGC's PRINCE2 is a robust project management framework designed to encourage organisations in the public and private sectors to manage their PRojects IN Controlled Environments. PRINCE2 is a highly flexible methodology and can be applied to all projects regardless of whether they be scientific, research, business, IT, media, financial or otherwise in nature.

KPS Consultants' PRINCE2 Workshops are designed to provide your organisation with an understanding of the robust nature of OGC's PRINCE2 project management framework, its application and practical approach to effectively promote, initiate and deploy PRINCE2. Ultimately our PRINCE2 Workshops teach you all about the processes, sub processes, the fundamental principles of management by exception and how these can be applied pragmatically within your organisation. Remember PRINCE2 is not bureaucratic and if used correctly can be a highly effective means of controlling projects to achieve your desired project outputs to time, budget and quality.

Benefits of PRINCE2 Workshops are as follows:

  • Cost effective approach to educating a wide audience.
  • Easy to understand and practical.
  • Provides a detailed or overview of OGC's PRINCE2 method.
  • Discover techniques which can be applied to your organisation's project environment.
  • Receive expert knowledge and tools to identify and manage projects effectively.
  • Share experiences and difficulties encountered regarding project management amongst other delegates.
  • Use the session to get expert advice from KPS Consultants.

KPS Consultants offers three variations of PRINCE2 Workshops, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 to cater for client needs. PRINCE2 Workshops can also be customised as needed for your organisation. We recommend five to a very maximum of ten delegates for any of our PRINCE2 workshops to optimise interactivity and encourage productive group discussion.

PRINCE2 Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants' PRINCE2 Workshops are geared towards organisational senior executives or individuals who are either practicing in the project management field or those who would like to gain greater exposure to the PRINCE2 methodology.

PRINCE2 Workshops > Level 1

KPS Consultants' Level 1 PRINCE2 Workshop is a free of charge one hour workshop offered to clients to serve as a high level taster into the subject matter of PRINCE2. KPS Consultants currently offers Level 1 PRINCE2 Workshops only to existing clients whom have an active framework agreement in place with KPS Consultants Ltd.

PRINCE2 Workshops > Level 2

KPS Consultants' Level 2 PRINCE2 Workshops are a half day (four hour) workshop on PRINCE2 covering The Why, Where and How of applying PRINCE2 in your organisation. Level 2 PRINCE2 Workshops provide delegates with very good exposure into the exciting and challenging world of PRojects IN Controlled Environments. Level 2 PRINCE2 Workshops are designed for senior management or those that are unsure as to whether PRINCE2 is the missing key ingredient in their organisations project management strategy or simply want to know more before making substantial investments in sending all their employees on PRINCE2 training solutions or courses!

PRINCE2 Workshops > Level 3

KPS Consultants' Level 3 PRINCE2 workshops are a full day (eight hour) workshop and will cover the contents of the Level 1 and 2 PRINCE2 workshops in addition to a more detailed examination of:

  • The key causes of project failure
  • The benefits of using a formal project management approach
  • The relationship between the eight PRINCE2 Processes, eight PRINCE2 Components and three PRINCE2 Techniques
  • Using PRINCE2 project Start Up (SU) to determine if the project is viable and worthwhile
  • The Project Board’s responsibly of Directing Projects (DP) in a PRINCE2 environment
  • Initiating Projects (IP) and using a PRINCE2 Project Initiation Document (PID)
  • SU vs IP - Why does PRINCE2 recommend projects need SU at all and why is SU so important
  • Planning (PL) PRINCE2 projects using product based planning techniques
  • Controlling Stages (CS) in a PRINCE2 project
  • Using PRINCE2 to Manage Product (MP) Delivery
  • Managing PRINCE2 Stage Boundaries (SB)
  • Closing Projects (CP) using PRINCE2
  • Understanding the importance of a Business Case within a PRINCE2 Project
  • The PRINCE2 Organisation including PRINCE2 roles and responsibilities
  • Addressing the different level of Planning within a PRINCE2 project
  • Identifying PRINCE2 control features such as the importance of Management by Exception and Tolerances
  • The traditional PRINCE2 approach to Risk Management
  • Understanding Quality in a PRINCE2 project environment
  • The PRINCE2 Configuration Management functions
  • The need for Change Control and applying PRINCE2 techniques
  • Summary of forthcoming changes to the PRINCE2 Methodology (PRINCE2 Refresh)

PRINCE2 Workshops > What Next ?

KPS Consultants PRINCE2 Workshops usually take place at your own offices/premises, however if you do not have the appropriate facilities KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location.

The duration of our PRINCE2 Workshops are typically half a day to a maximum of one day. Please feel free to discuss additional custom requirements directly with KPS Consultants and we will work to tailor our PRINCE2 Workshops to meet your specific needs.

KPS Consultants will provide delegates with reference materials, handouts, case studies and useful hints and tips that they can take away with them post any PRINCE2 Workshops delivered. Additionally, all delegates attending PRINCE2 Workshops will receive a free gift courtesy of KPS Consultants.

Please note that there are no exams to be taken with any of our PRINCE2 Workshops, however we can offer workshop delegates discounted accredited PRINCE2 training solutions should they wish to undertake this route post attendance at one of KPS Consultants PRINCE2 Workshops.

If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements for either a single PRINCE2 Workshop or arrange a series of PRINCE2 Workshops please contact KPS Consultants by telephone or email to discuss your requirements.

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