Interim Project Coordinator

Are you struggling to maintain you're responsibilities as a programme or project manager? Do you find yourself spending more time on project planning, administration and project support activities than project management itself? An Interim Project Coordinator from KPS is the solution.

The Purpose and Role of an Interim Project Coordinator

The purpose of an Interim Project Coordinator is two fold; firstly the role can provide administrative support to Programme Manager(s) and Project Manager(s) in the end to end delivery of their Programmes and Projects such as planning, controlling, monitoring, reporting and secondly the role can provide advice and guidance relating to programme and project management best practice. The latter is often the case whereby the assigned interim project coordinator possesses a higher level of skill and experience than the average.

The Interim Project Coordinator function is a vital and highly effective role in its own right. It is one of the key elements that Programme and Project Managers must consider when starting up or initiating a Programme or Project. Indeed most business entities today have a function of this type as part of their ongoing business activities and if they don't they should seriously consider it, preferably as part of a PPSO (Programme and Project Support Office) and especially for organisations running multiple programmes and/or projects.

The Interim Project Coordinator role may form part of an organisations Programme and Project Support Office (PPSO) or what some organisations may refer to as a PMO (Programme/Project Management Office). In some instances organisations may operate their Programme Support Office and Project Support Office as two separate entities depending on the nature and/or size of the programmes/projects although both entities would work in collaboration. Alternatively the Programme Support Office and Project Support Office can be combined to form the Programme and Project Support Office (PPSO) where it is sensible to share resources with similar skills and expertise.

General responsibilities of an Interim Project Coordinator

The responsibilities of an Interim Project Coordinator can vary across organisations depending on the level of support required within a programme or project. General responsibilities that the Interim Programme and/or Project Coordinator typically undertake are summarised below:

  • Programme integration planning, Project planning, Stage planning, and Exception planning.
  • Programme and Project progress reporting.
  • Establishing configuration management procedures.
  • Maintaining, controlling and updating programme and project files.
  • Administer change control.
  • Analysis and monitoring of risks and issues.
  • Administer the quality reviews process.
  • Co-ordination of individual Projects within a Programme.
  • Collection of actual / forecast data and financial reporting.
  • Administer project board meetings or other programme and project meetings.
  • Assist with the compilation of reports.
  • Specialist tool expertise (e.g. planning and control tools).
  • Guidance and advice on programme and project management standards.

How can a KPS Consultant help you with Programme Support and Project Support?

A KPS Consultant can serve as your Interim Programme Coordinator and/or your Interim Project Coordinator for either short or longer term assignments.

At KPS we fully understand the difficulties and pressures that Programme and Project Managers often face when trying to meet project deadlines or dates set for the launch of a particular product that was promised to your client(s). By engaging KPS Consultants you can feel confident that your administrative pressures / project support and project coordination issues will be alleviated from your programme and project managers thus allowing them to fulfil their own roles and do what they are supposed to do, i.e. manage their programmes or projects.

Additionally KPS Consultants are equipped to provide guidance on best practice Programme and Project Management standards. This means your programme and project management community will benefit from having real experts at hand. At KPS we feel that being a qualified accredited consultant and undertaking a Programme or Project Coordinator assignment in no way shape or form undermines our level our expertise simply because the project coordinators role is equally as important as any other programme or project management role.

In summary an interim project coordinator from KPS is:

  • Able to hit the ground running
  • Qualified and experienced in undertaking all guises of interim project coordinator assignments.
  • Experienced in providing support services to a number of Programmes and Projects in parallel.
  • Knowledge and experience across multiple sectors.
  • Skilled and/or qualified in several best practice project management tools and methodologies.
  • Able to add value to your Programme and Projects by helping you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Capable of strengthening your existing PPM capabilities.
  • Reliable and will seamlessly integrate within your programme and project environment.

If you have a requirment for a highly skilled and experienced interim project coordinator, please contact KPS.

KPS also offers a solution for helping you to implement a complete PPSO (Programme and Project Support Office) within your organisation. For further details on this PPM capability please see the KPS Consulting CoE or contact KPS.

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