M_o_R Risk Assessments

Do you want to assess your opportunities systematically and make more informed decisions? Don't fear the unknown, uncover it. One way to accomplish this is through effective Risk Management. KPS can conduct an assessment of your organisation to ensure that the methods you are using are in line with best practice and that they deliver the greatest benefit to you. Remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself - Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment will evaluate how well you manage risk in any or all of the following areas:

  • Strategic Level
  • Programme Level
  • Project Level
  • Operational Level

KPS will assess your organisations’ alignment, either to the principles of M_o_R (Management of Risk) or to other best practice Risk Management methodologies and techniques.

How could Risk Assessments help your Organisation?

Having a Risk Assessment performed by our consultants will help you to analyse where there are flaws or gaps across you organisation in its ability to manage risk effectively and efficiently. It will also highlight the strengths in your current method.

Ultimately our risk assessment will provide advice and guidance of best practice risk management methods to ensure that you do not get burned by flames of risk.

Key Benefits of a Risk Assessment

  • To have the gaps in your risk management procedures clearly identified
  • To be presented with a clear strategy of how to resolve any issues with your current risk management mechanism
  • To be provide guidance on how to implement a risk management method that is recognised by the OGC after which you will be able to put in place a process that will bring about the various benefits of a coherent structure such as:

    • Better service delivery
    • Increased certainty and fewer surprises
    • More efficient resource usage
    • Better informed decision making
    • More effective management of organisational change, projects and programmes
    • Efficient management of contingency and maintenance activities

How can your Organisation get assessed?

The first step will be to capture all of your requirements for the risk assessment for example if you would like us to perform an assessment on individual projects or the organisation overall.

Our consultants will then arrange interviews with the relevant stakeholders based on your requirements.

The interviews will be conducted using our standard Risk Assessment Questionnaire which is comprised of questions on and around your current risk management methods and other key risk management principles to strategically identify key attributes of your risk management process.

On completion of the interviews we will consolidate the results into a clear and concise report highlighting where we believe you have strengths in your approach to Risk Management, in addition to where there is room for improvement and provide recommendations of how these improvements can be achieved.

KPS can follow up with further assessments if required at pre- agreed intervals of time to re-assess your organisation, here we will assess the improvements made by your organisation using the interviewing methods as described above and compile a report highlighting the progress made to date.

Our Risk Assessments are based on OGC's M_o_R Product. Accredited Public Courses in M_o_R for your organisations employees can also be provided in association with our partner ATO (Accredited Training Organisation). For Further information on Risk Assessments, workshops or public training courses please contact us.

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