PRINCE2 Mentoring, MSP Mentoring and M_o_R Mentoring

Mentoring is the key to unlocking the potential of your people, your organisation and yourself. Have you ever wished whilst working on a Programme, Project, or after a training course that you could pick up the phone and have a PPM, MSP, M_o_R or PRINCE2 Mentor at your disposal either on the phone or to call into your office for advice or to simply bounce ideas and concepts?

KPS Consultants offer PRINCE2 mentoring, MSP Mentoring and M_o_R Mentoring services at all levels within your Programme and Project Management (PPM) environment from senior executives and leadership roles through to PPM Managers and PPM, M_o_R, MSP or PRINCE2 Support Staff. Through KPS Consultants years of experience and portfolio of qualifications our consultants are able to provide industry standard OGC best practice PPM advice and steer you in the right direction to help you develop and utilise your PPM, PRINCE2, M_o_R, MSP Management skills and capabilities to optimum effect and thus encourage organisational development and PPM maturity.

How can PPM, MSP, M_o_R or PRINCE2 Mentoring help your people and your organisation?

There are multiple reasons that drive organisations to establish effective means of providing mentoring for their people.

Many organisations have seen the benefits that mentoring can bring to the performance of their existing programme and project management staff. Having mentors who can share their knowledge and experience helps promote increased knowledge transfer throughout an organisation and so enhances both staff and organisational performance, morale and confidence. In addition it helps remove the barriers to high performance by addressing the issues that constrain your Project Management staff or community.

Few employees are satisfied with the prospect of staying in one role for ever, and most have the potential and ambition to improve if they were provided with adequate day to day hands on practical guidance and support. With this in mind organisations must help their employees realise their full potential or accept the risk of losing them to other organisations.

It is therefore essential for organisations to invest in activities such as ongoing mentoring and investing in their people. Mentoring is also a great and enjoyable way to ensure that the project manager that was sent on a 2 day course almost 10 years ago is kept updated with the latest best practice methods such as advancements in PRINCE2. The Mentee can also learn from the case studies that the Mentor may have to share from experiences on other programmes and projects.

How does KPS Consultants provide PPM/MSP/PRINCE2/M_o_R Staff Mentoring Services?

What ever your requirements, whether it be basic programme and project management (PPM) advice or more specific areas such as MSP, PRINCE2, or M_o_R risk management, quality control or change control. A dedicated,qualified and experienced KPS Consultant will be assigned to act as a mentor advising you on how to maximise your potential and to deliver the expected results what ever your business goal or PPM objectives might be.

As a mentor, our assigned consultant will actively work with you seeking to understand your goals and requirements. Your mentor will help you deal with situations specifically applicable to you on an as and when required basis. Our consultants have experience and knowledge across various industries within the PPM specialism , giving KPS the ability and breadth of knowledge to fulfil a vast range of PPM/MSP/PRINCE2/M_o_R mentoring service requirements regardless of your ranking, level of PPM experience or PPM role.

KPS Consultants understand that every individuals mentoring needs will be different therefore we have built various flexible options to ensure you are provided with a service to fit your needs, this includes options for onsite/offsite visits for any amount of time over any duration on a call off basis.

If you would like to discuss or arrange a bespoke 121 PPM/MSP/PRINCE2/M_o_R Mentoring service with a KPS Consultant or for further information on the KPS Mentoring Service please contact KPS.

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