P2MM Workshops

P2MM Workshops will provide workshop delegates with an insightful overview of OGC’s P2MM (PRINCE2 Maturity Model) and are intended to give P2MM Workshop delegates a hands on face to face understanding of the PRINCE2 Maturity Model before making any decisions to proceed to Assessment or Accreditation. The P2MM Workshop will demonstrate how P2MM can be used to embed PRINCE2 into the heart of your organisation.  KPS Consultants' P2MM Workshops will also help delegates to acquire a thorough understanding of the benefits P2MM can bring to an organisation and wether or not the method is suitable to your needs.

You may be questioning whether your organisation has really embedded PRINCE2 effectively or is it just another instance of PINO (Prince In Name Only) or you may be wanting to know what mechanisms can be used to measure PRINCE2 maturity across your organisation.  You may also be asking yourself how your organisation can demonstrate to the outside world that it has embraced and embedded PRINCE2 as part of your best practice change programme or otherwise.

With OGC's PRINCE2 Maturity Model (P2MM), organisations are able to gauge their level of maturity against an external set of OGC benchmarks whilst enabling organisations and those individuals within the organisation responsible for change to understand what areas of project performance and project governance need improving.

With P2MM there is no place for employees that have been given the role of a project manager, but really aren't skilled in PRINCE2, to hide!! Just because an employee has a PRINCE2 qualification it does not mean they are experienced or have used the method to any real effect. It's almost like obtaining a degree, yes it may well get your foot in the door for a job application but the degree is certainly not evidence of any real world experience!

P2MM Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants' P2MM Workshops are geared towards organisational senior executives, directors, CEO's, Change Managers, Business Managers or individuals who are responsible for or involved in transformation programmes, Agenda for Change or the implementation of PRINCE2 and directors that are responsible for Change Programmes that require best practice to be embedded within their organisation.

Perhaps you are a director and wish to gauge, assess or measure whether or not all the expenditure on staff training has yielded any Return on Investment for your organisation as a whole or have you simply been left with PRINCE2 accredited project managers that have attended PRINCE2 training courses but not used any of the skills to help your organisation and its projects to be delivered more effectively to time, scope, budget and quality!!! Or perhaps they just don't have the time or experience to deploy best practice.

If you are wondering how well or how badly your organisation is managing its PRINCE2 projects then KPS Consultants' P2MM Workshop is for you!

P2MM Workshops > Level 1

Level 1 P2MM Workshops are free of charge 1 hour workshops offered to clients to serve as a high level taster into the subject matter of P2MM. KPS Consultants does not currently offer Level 1 P2MM Workshops.

P2MM Workshops > Level 2

Level 2 P2MM Workshops are interactive half day workshops (4 Hours) which encourage productive group discussion covering the following agenda: 

  • What is the PRINCE2 Maturity Model (P2MM)
  • Why should your organisation/department embrace P2MM
  • The Why, Where and How of applying P2MM
  • How can P2MM help to embed and continually improve performance through P2MM Road Maps
  • The three PRINCE2 Maturity Model (P2MM) levels
  • The 16 Key Process Areas of P2MM
  • Planning for P2MM Assessment and Accreditation

The Level 2 P2MM Workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.

P2MM Workshops > Level 3

Level 3 P2MM Workshops are 1 day workshops. Based on client experiences and requirements to date KPS Consultants does not currently offer Level 3 P2MM Workshops.

P2MM Workshops > What Next

KPS Consultants P2MM Workshops usually take place at your own offices/premises, however if you do not have the appropriate facilities KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location although prices may vary accordingly.

KPS Consultants will provide P2MM Workshop delegates with handouts and useful hints and tips that they can take away with them. Additionally, all delegates attending KPS Consultants' P2MM Workshops will receive a free no obligations gift courtesy of KPS Consultants.  Please note that there are no exams to be taken with any of our P2MM Workshops.

If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements for PRINCE2 Maturity Model (P2MM) Workshops please contact KPS Consultants by telephone or email.

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