KPS Skill Development Programme and Benefits

KPS realises that in order to meet the high standards of our clients, our own success depends on the quality and commitment of the people we employ.  Consequently, KPS’s most valued asset is its people whereby we continually work together to help and improve each other.  For this very reason each employee is assigned with a mentor who will give you all the help and guidance you need. You will also have time set aside with your mentor, to ensure you get regular feedback on your progress during your ongoing career of continual professional development.

Skill Development Programme

It is absolutely our top priority that you have every chance to achieve your full potential, which is why we work hard to give our staff every opportunity to grow and make the best use of their skills and abilities in building a rewarding career.

With our Skill Development Programme you will have your own Skill Development Annual Plan and associated Actions, specially tailored to help you learn new skills and succeed in your job and progress in your career with KPS.  You will also have the opportunity to transfer theoretical skills into practice during your assignments regardless of your entry level.

Additionally KPS holds regular internal group training sessions and workshops to ensure all staff are up to date with latest best practice standards, services and products, thus ensuring our staff are always adequately skilled to meet the demands for high quality from our clients.

Employee Benefits

We want to attract the best and brightest people and when we do, we want to get the best out of them whilst supporting them. We understand that success is a two way street.

We believe that if you're worth employing, you're worth looking after. That's why we go out of our way to offer all our employees a range of benefits that reflect the full value of their skills, experience, dedication, deliverables and qualifications.

As you grow and develop, your benefits will grow with you.  What shape they take all depends on what direction your career with KPS takes.  But from the outset, everyone who builds a career with KPS can expect to enjoy the following:

  • A good and happy working environment
  • Recognition and development
  • Good quality training when required
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Skill and career development opportunities
  • Increased responsibility and involvement
  • Open Access to KPS Management

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