Management of Risk (M_o_R) Workshops:

KPS Consultants M_o_R Workshops are interactive M_o_R Workshops designed to focus on the core concepts and techniques of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Management of Risk (M_o_R) best practice methodology.

OGC's Management of Risk (M_o_R) is a robust framework designed to control risk management at business, strategic, programme, project and operational levels. M_o_R was published in 2002 by the Office of Government Commerce to encourage public and private sector organisations to adopt a structured approach to managing all uncertainties, whether they have a positive or negative impact on the achievement of objectives, across all aspects of their businesses/organisations.

When you find your project team members always saying 'if only we' as opposed to 'what if' gives KPS Consultants a good indication that Management of Risk (M_o_R) is not at the top of your priority list. Let KPS Consultants provide you with the essential tools, techniques and knowledge in this area to help you become an open and progressive organisation and to ensure that M_o_R is on the top of your your priority list as opposed to at the bottom of the 'should-do list'.

M_o_R Workshops > Objectives

KPS Consultants M_o_R Workshops are designed to provide your organisation with an understanding of the robust nature of OGC's M_o_R risk management framework, its application and practical approach to effectively identify, assess, plan and implement M_o_R. Ultimately our M_o_R Workshops teach you to think in terms of Cause, Event, Effect and to subsequently apply responses to mitigate identified risks. Or in the words of KPS Consultants Managing Director - Cause, Effect, Solution, a concept he developed and drove forward back in the early 90's in a major international corporate environment! Is it coincidental that OGC's M_o_R articulates a similar approach?

M_o_R Workshops > Variations

KPS Consultants offers half day introduction M_o_R Workshops, one day standard M_o_R Workshops and one day custom M_o_R Workshops. KPS Consultants M_o_R Workshops are highly interactive and will encourage participation from all delegates through the use of simple games, cues and prizes! M_o_R Workshops can also be customised as needed for your organisation, see custom M_o_R Workshop below. We recommend five to a very maximum of eight delegates for any of our M_o_R workshops to optimise interactivity and encourage productive group discussion.

M_o_R Workshops > Introduction

KPS Consultants offers half day introduction M_o_R Workshops to cover basics of The Why, Where and How of applying M_o_R in your organisation. Introduction M_o_R Workshops are a taster into the exciting and challenging world of Risk Management. Introduction M_o_R Workshops are designed for senior management or those that are unsure as to whether M_o_R is the missing key ingredient in their organisations risk management strategy, policy or simply want to know more before making substantial investments in sending all their employees on M_o_R training courses!

M_o_R Workshops > Standard

  • Includes the content of Introduction M_o_R Workshops.
  • The 12 principles of Management of Risk (M_o_R).
  • A methodical approach to defining, measuring, monitoring and controlling risks.
  • Various techniques of how to identify risks, assess or measure risk both quantitatively and qualitatively (in terms of impact and probability), planning techniques and creating strong prevention strategies and policy.
  • How to create and maintain a Risk Register.
  • Discuss Risk specialism's e.g. Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy in a risk management context or Incident/Crisis Management scenario.
  • The eight M_o_R responses to risks (opportunities and threats), specifically how to determine what responses should be implemented to mitigate an identified risk.
  • Discovering techniques to increase organisational M_o_R awareness and understanding through the use of case studies and useful examples.
  • Raising organisational awareness through an effective communications plan.
  • The critical factor of senior buy in.
  • How to generate a Risk Plan.
  • How to prioritise your risks to help you manage and control them.
  • Risks and Issues - what's the difference?

M_o_R Workshops > Custom

  • Custom M_o_R Workshops are designed to give client's more control of the M_o_R Workshops content and structure.
  • Though requirements capture is of course completely free of charge (including site visits, meetings or audio calls) as clients should always expect, custom M_o_R Workshops require a flat pre-agreed fee for custom preparation prior to the delivery of custom M_o_R Workshops.
  • All of the above M_o_R Workshops content is covered and custom M_o_R Workshops are delivered which provide more detailed scenarios as closely aligned to your organisations needs as possible including case studies to deepen your understanding of the Management of Risk (M_o_R) product within your organisations domain and specific environment. Preparation time is pending outcome of the requirements capture activity though to date preparation time for custom M_o_R Workshops has not exceeded one day.

M_o_R Workshops > Benefits

Benefits of Management of Risk (M_o_R) Workshops are as follows:

  • Cost effective approach to educating a wide audience.
  • Easy to understand and practical.
  • Provides a detailed or overview of the M_o_R method.
  • Discover Techniques which can be applied to your organisation's environment.
  • Receive expert knowledge and tools to identify and manage risk effectively.
  • Share experiences and difficulties encountered regarding risk management amongst other delegates.
  • Use the session to get advice from expert KPS Consultants.

M_o_R Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants M_o_R Workshops are geared towards organisational senior executives or individuals who are either practicing in the management of risk field or those who would like to gain greater exposure to the M_o_R methodology.

How does KPS Consultants provide M_o_R Workshops?

KPS Consultants M_o_R Workshops usually take place at your own offices/premises, however if you do not have the appropriate facilities KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location.

The duration of our Management of Risk (M_o_R) Workshops are typically a maximum of one day. Please feel free to discuss additional custom requirements directly with KPS Consultants and we will work to tailor our M_o_R Workshops to meet your specific needs.

KPS Consultants will provide delegates with reference materials, handouts, case studies, a sample Risk Register and useful hints and tips that they can take away with them post any M_o_R Workshops delivered. Additionally, all delegates attending M_o_R Workshops will receive a free gift courtesy of KPS Consultants.

Please note that there are no exams to be taken with any of our M_o_R Workshops. If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements for the Management of Risk M_o_R Workshops please contact KPS Consultants by telephone or email to discuss your requirements.

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