MSP Consultants

Looking for MSP Consultants on an MSP Consulting or advisory basis? Thinking about implementing MSP? If you are seeking advice and guidance on the MSP methodology, our MSP Consultants are well placed to provide clients with either a high level synopsis or a detailed and bespoke MSP Consulting programme on how to implement and deploy MSP effectively and pragmatically within your organisation.

Our MSP Consulting services are flexible, highly cost effective and designed to improve clients programme management capabilities, enabling clients to optimise the benefits of their investments. Through our MSP Consulting services clients gain a better understanding of how the MSP programme management methodology can be tailored and used to best suit their organisation. Our qualified MSP Consultants work closely with clients providing advice and guidance based on their experiences, lessons learned and array of knowledge acquired through working with various organisations.

If you have already implemented or begun to implement MSP, our MSP Consultants are able to undertake independent and impartial MSP assurance assignments mapped to client requirements.

Why KPS? Simple, we are not just MSP Consultants, we are KPS Consultants.