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Need an Interim Quality Manager trained and experienced in ISO 9001? An Interim Quality Manager from KPS would be delighted to engage. Placing your interim quality management needs with KPS is very easy and does not involve a lengthy process as our consultants are permanent employees and established preferred associates. Simply contact KPS with an outline of your business and requirements or to arrange an initial meeting to discuss.

The Purpose and Role of an Interim Quality Manager

An Interim Quality Manager will implement, coordinate, manage and control activities required to deliver the organisations' quality policy and to ensure compliance to the requirements of the chosen Quality Management System (QMS).

In particular the Interim Quality Manager will ensure the following areas are part of the organisations' day-to-day activities via the management of its programmes and projects.

Quality Policy:

Overall intentions and direction of an organisation related to quality.

Quality Management System (QMS):

Defines a set of standards such as policies and procedures that provide a formal management framework describing the way an organisation conducts its core business. The performance of each quality management procedure generates evidence by which to measure the performance of the organisation and its management.

Quality Assurance:

Creates and maintains the Quality Management System (QMS) and monitors its application to ensure that the Quality Management System (QMS) operates and is effective in achieving an end product/service that meets quality and customer requirements. Quality Assurance also provides confidence that the programme and/or project will satisfy the relevant quality standards.

Quality Planning:

Establishes the objectives and requirements for quality and lays out the activities for the application of the Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality Control:

Ensures that products and/or services meet the quality criteria specified. Quality Control is about examining products/services to determine that they meet requirements and adherence to quality standards whilst identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. This quality checking technique is known as a Quality Review which has a specific structure, defined roles and procedure designed to ensure completeness of a product/service.

It is important to note that Programme and Project team members, Process Owners and people undertaking any business role are key participants in Quality Management. Therefore they are the principle users of the Quality Management System (QMS) in undertaking their roles and producing the required deliverables.

General responsibilities of an Interim Quality Manager

The Interim Quality Manager's responsibilities invariably involve the following activities, although this depends on the specific assignment:

  • An Interim Quality Manager can formulating and implement the Quality Management System in conjunction with the organisation departments.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can coordinate the efforts of all departments and/or disciplines to ensure compliance with the organisations QMS requirements.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can improve the organisation's operations and quality of products and services.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can promote awareness of a pro-active quality first approach throughout the organisation.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can provide guidance, support and training for employees with regards to Quality matters.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can manage and control quality management system documents.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can providing a pro-active and responsive service, by anticipating quality issues, responding quickly to non-conformities and resolving these quickly.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can identify, record, and report any problems relating to the quality of products, services, processes and the QMS itself.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can regularly communicate with Programme and Project team members, Process Owners and people participating in Quality Management activities.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can can generate quality reporting and posting of quality data to provide organisation wide information about quality performance.
  • An Interim Quality Manager can set up and monitoring Quality Audits to ensure products, services and operations are compliant with the organisations Quality Assurance procedures.

How can a KPS Consultant help as an Interim Quality Manager?

Quality is more than a collaborative effort. It is a collective effort. Ultimately everyone and everything in the organisation becomes involved.

KPS embraces and conforms to the international recognised standard ISO 9001:2008. Our years of experience and registration as as a ISO 9001:2008 organisation has focused KPS on passionately helping other organisations improve the level of quality within their own organisations.

An Interim Quality Manager from KPS can provide independent advice on how best to implement you're Quality Management System (QMS), ensuring you avoid costly mistakes, and importantly unnecessary costs! We will also take care to keep quality processes simple and straightforward by making sure everyone knows the purpose and methods for what your organisation is trying to achieve.

In summary our consultants will serve as Interim Quality Manager by:

  • Understanding/fully engaging ourselves within the nature your organisation and it programmes and projects. This ensures that we can provide a service best suited to your needs.
  • Providing knowledge and experience of implementing and improving quality management systems, procedures and processes.
  • Helping you to get quality right the first time by conducting activities designed to improve performance and productivity through training and effective coordination.
  • Demonstrating excellent human relations and communication skills.
  • Pro-actively enhancing and promoting quality throughout your organisation.
  • Having a positive and co-operative attitude towards resolving problems.
  • Making recommendations regarding policies, methodology, processes, procedures, and standards based on best practice standards.
  • Developing supplemental quality management procedures and standards i.e. preventive/corrective actions, as needed.
  • Providing management with the visibility of the processes used in programme and project performance.
  • Preparing quality improvement plans, and set quality performance metrics/targets for all divisions/departments.
  • Ensuring Lessons Learned is made aware to the organisation, thus avoiding similar mistakes occurring.
  • Helping with continual improvement.

If you wish to discuss your Quality Management needs further or have a requirement for an Interim Quality Manager, please contact KPS.

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