MS Project Workshops (Microsoft Project®)

MS Project Workshops (Microsoft Project) delivered by MS Project Power Users, experienced MS Programme Planners and MS Project Planners who use MS Project on a daily basis. MS Project workshops will expose the hidden techniques and powerful capability of MS Project not always taught in class room based MS Project training courses!

MS Project workshops are designed for any individuals responsible for programme planning and project planning with MS Project or senior managers regardless of experience level. KPS Consultants' MS Project power users deliver and facilitate interactive and scenario based MS Project workshops to provide the perfect hands on opportunity for delegates to learn how to use MS Project for planning, scheduling, tracking and controlling their project(s) more effectively.

MS Project workshops delegates will be able to actively use MS Project as planning tool to create a project plan which brings together the various outputs from planning sessions. This gives MS Project workshop delegates a holistic view of the project in various graphical formats. Our MS Project workshops enable KPS Consultants to transfer their knowledge and expertise so that delegates learn how to use MS Project to its full potential. MS Project workshop delegates will be able to test their understanding whilst developing their skills to map out deliverables through creating tasks, identifying constraints and dependencies. Additionally, delegates of our MS Project workshops will learn how the tool can be used to manage resource allocation, monitor costs from start to finish for a project in a controlled manner, and use the tool to make decisions by modelling different scenarios.

Remember although MS Project is a very powerful tool to help facilitate the management of a project, it should not be regarded as a substitute for a project manager or be confused with best practice project management methodology! Yes indeed, you would be surprised how many people think MS Project is a best practice project management methodology!

MS Project Workshops > Variations

KPS Consultants currently offers half day Introduction MS Project workshops, one day Standard MS Project workshops and one day Custom MS Project workshops. KPS Consultants MS Project workshops are designed to put the fun back into learning through creating an interactive session which is designed to use various scenario based activities and games to engage all delegates. To ensure MS Project workshops are effective, interactive and to encourage group discussion we recommend a minimum of five to a maximum of eight delegates on each of our MS Project workshops.

MS Project Workshops > Introduction

KPS Consultants half day Introduction MS Project workshops deal with the standard menus and tools within Microsoft Project alongside defining and setting up a simple project plan using the tool in a structured way. Delegates will learn basic planning techniques, how to create, link and manage tasks. In addition to learning how to allocate resources, resolve conflicts, create milestones and identify the critical path of a project. Delegates will have the opportunity to prepare schedules, view Gantt charts, baseline project plans and learn how to track progress against the baseline using the tool.

MS Project Workshops > Standard

In addition to the content of our Introduction MS Project workshops our one day standard MS Project workshops will teach delegates how to:

  • Use MS Project to assign and manage a pool of resources across projects
  • Use MS Project to manage interdependencies across multiple projects
  • Use MS Project to generate reports and charts
  • Use MS Project to customise tables, reports, fields
  • Use MS Project to assess what if scenario's, delays and resource constraints
  • Use MS Project to present project information in various formats to meet stakeholder requirements
  • Use MS Project to utilise and integrate existing plans / leverage existing data
  • Use MS Project to export data into other products
  • Use MS Project Server (currently > a brief introduction)

In addition to the aforementioned, delegates of our Standard MS Project workshops will also have the opportunity to understand what the variations are between MS Project versions 1998 -2007.

MS Project Workshops > Custom

KPS Consultants custom MS Project workshops are designed to give clients more control and flexibility over the content and structure of the MS Project workshops we deliver. KPS Consultants will capture your requirements through site visits, meetings and audio (what ever your preference) absolutely free. However custom MS Project workshops will require a flat pre-agreed fee to allow for preparation of our custom MS Project workshops. Content from the Standard and Introduction MS Project workshops are included alongside more details and scenarios which are aligned to your specific organisational environment and needs. This includes case studies and advice on how to structure your project plans to ensure you get the most out of them. The preparation time is dependent on the outcome of the requirements capture stage, however based on previous requests, preparation time for our custom MS Project workshops have not exceeded one day.

MS Project Workshops > Benefits

  • MS Project workshops enable delegates to gain a better understanding of how to plan, control and track project progress more effectively.
  • MS Project workshops enable delegates to gain experience on how to use the planning tool to support decision making
  • MS Project workshops enable delegates to obtain a holistic view of the start to finish of any given project
  • MS Project workshops are a cost effective approach to educating a wide audience
  • MS Project workshops are a hands on interactive approach to learning workshops / testing your understanding
  • MS Project workshops allow delegates to acquire experience of using tools to optimise current project plans and manipulate data into more meaningful data.
  • MS Project workshops serve as a forum to share problems with other delegates and obtain expert advice from KPS consultants experienced MS Project users.
  • MS Project workshops save delegates time and money through avoiding common pitfalls and before allocating huge training budgets. KPS Consultants come to you, avoiding your delegates from having to travel - an environmentally friendly approach to learning.

MS Project Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants MS Project workshops are aimed primarily at individuals responsible for planning activities such as scheduling, resources allocation and controlling costs this could include Programme Managers, Project Managers, Programme Planners, Project Planners, Programme and Project Support Office (PPSO) Coordinators, Administrators or Team / Work Package Managers. From experience to date we have also learned that their is high level of interest from senior managers whom we would encourage to attend.

How does KPS Consultants provide MS Project Workshops?

KPS Consultants usually host MS Project workshops on client premises eliminating the need for delegates to travel further then they normally would. If however clients do not have the appropriate facilities or prefer to hold workshops off site KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location.

The duration of KPS Consultants MS Project workshops are typically between half a day and one day. Please do not hesitate to contact KPS Consultants directly should you wish to discuss additional custom requirements.

During our MS Project workshops all delegates will receive various reference materials and useful hints and tips for future reference including a free gift complimentary from KPS Consultants.

Please note:

  • There are no exams associated with any of our MS Project workshops.
  • The examples used during MS Project workshops will be based on MS Project 2000 if however your organisation is using a lower /higher version we will tailor our MS Project workshops to ensure all differences in versions are specified.

To book either a single MS Project workshop or a series of MS Project workshops please contact KPS Consultants by email or telephone and leave the rest to us.

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