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If your organisation needs a structured Change Management System and Change Control Process's implemented or if you already have one and looking to recruit a qualified and experienced Interim Change Manager then a KPS Consultant might be exactly what you need. We have published some value add information about Change Management and the role of an Interim Change Manager below in order to share best practice management knowledge. What ever your decision we hope that you find the information of use and would welcome requests for other specific information or advice you would like to have guidance or assistance on in relation to Change Management and Control and we will look towards getting this information published on your behalf.

Placing an order for your Interim Change Manager needs with KPS is very easy and does not involve a lengthy process as our consultants are permanent employees and established associates not temporary contractors. Simply contact KPS by email or telephone and leave the rest to us.

The Purpose and Role of the Interim Change Manager

The purpose of the Interim Change Manager is to create, implement and manage a change control procedure, which will ensure that changes to the agreed scope of a project and/or programme and its subsequent products are evaluated sufficiently to avoid the problems of scope creep i.e. the evolving scope, purpose or objective which is often oblivious to the eyes of the project team.

An Interim Change Manager will depict the change management procedures and change control procedures/mechanisms that are to be followed across the organisation and will ensure that change (where necessary) occurs in a controlled manner. This includes the submission of issues, their analysis and associated informed decision making.

An Interim Change Manager is primarily benefits–focused and will ultimately concentrate on ensuring that benefits of a project are realised by paying close attention to the original requirements and how they will be impacted when a request for change (or change request) is raised and accordingly implemented.

General responsibilities of an Interim Change Manager

An Interim Change Manager has the following responsibilities:

  • To design, create and implement a suitable change control procedure that is comprehendible and comprehensive across the organisation, its programmes or projects.
  • To capture, log and categorise all Programme or Project Issues and where they are Requests for Change to follow them through the change control procedure.
  • To be a single point of contact for project and/or programme issues and changes.
  • To coordinate and manage impact assessments relating to requests for change (when conducted).
  • To liaise with the Change Control Board (where allocated) or Project Board regarding authorising change.
  • To ensure the interests of the sponsoring group are met by the programme / project.
  • To ensure the delivery of a change request is compatible with the realisation of benefits specifically identifying, defining and tracking the benefits and outcomes required.
  • To lead activities associated with benefits realisation and ensure that the benefits continue to be achieved and measured after the programme / project has been completed.
  • To work with the Programme and/or Project Managers to ensure that the scope of individual projects cover the necessary aspects required to deliver the products or services that will lead to operational benefit(s).

How can a KPS Consultant help you with Change Management?

A KPS Consultant can serve as your Interim Change Manager for either short or longer terms assignments based on your interim management/recruitment needs.

Change Management is as important as any other element of Programme/Project Management, but is often forgotten or not managed in an effective manner. KPS can help alter this as we can provide the right guidance/resource and if required implement an effective change management and change control procedure in line with the best practice principles.

We would ensure that change management becomes a fundamental part of your organisation so that a project or programme can evolve where essential without being “blown out of proportion”. It is important to remember that our intention is never to prohibit change as it is inevitable, our expertise is such that we provide you with the right set of tools and an interim change management resource to allow change to happen but under close observation and control.

To summarise, KPS will put you at an advantage as:

  • Our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable Change Managers who are qualified in best practice methods and change management models.
  • Our consultants will seamlessly integrate within your organisation and work with you to improve change management across the organisation whilst ensuring any resistance to change is avoided.
  • Our approach will be one of working with you to create a change control procedure that can be easily implemented, not forcing you to implement procedures you simply cannot understand.
  • We have a clear understanding of the importance of coping with change and will transfer our lessons learned and experience to you on demand.
  • Using a KPS Consultant as your Interim Change Manager or Change Management Control/Support service assures you that knowledge transfer takes place throughout your organisation as per our mission statement.

If you would like to discuss your interim change management recruitment needs or have a requirement for an Interim Change Manager, Interim Change Management Control and Support, please contact us by email or telephone.

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