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Interim Risk Manager and Interim Risk Management by KPS Consultants

The Purpose and Role of the Interim Risk Manager

The purpose of an Interim Risk Manager is to support and manage risks associated with the organisation whether Strategic Risks, Programme Risks, Project Risks or Operational Risks. An Interim Risk Manager will essentially work to assess the organisations exposure to risk and aim to control these exposures by putting in place the appropriate risk management processes to not only identify risk, but to control and manage all risk effectively.

General responsibilities of an Interim Risk Manager

There are two distinct phases of management of risk: risk analysis and risk management. The former is concerned with gathering information about exposure to risk so an organisation can make better informed decisions. The latter ensures that processes are in place to monitor risk, ensures up to date information about risks is easily accessible and makes certain that the right level of control is in place to deal with those risks by guaranteeing that a framework of risk analysis and evaluation is readily available. Fundamentally an Interim Risk Manager will:

  • Create and implement a best practice risk management framework and roadmap, which is transparent and repeatable. The framework will set the context within which risks are managed specifically how they will be identified, analysed, controlled, monitored and reviewed.
  • Document the risk management policy, which will effectively document how the management of the risk framework will be adopted and ensure that it's communicated clearly to all staff.
  • Encourage an organisational culture which supports well thought through risk taking, management and innovation (as depicted within the risk policy).
  • Assist with the identification of risks within projects / programmes / operations.
  • Log all risks within a Risk Log appropriately.
  • Actively monitor and ensure that risks are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Confirm Risk Action Owners.
  • Follow up Risk Actions with Action Owners.

How can a KPS Consultant help you as an Interim Risk Manager?

KPS is a firm believer of doing both the right thing and doing things right. We appreciate that most professional leading organisations see a need for effective Risk Management but may not be equipped with the right tools, resource or experience to design and manage an integrated and a repeatable set of risk management processes or oversee and manage the implementation of a structured Risk Management methodology.

Our expert consultants will fulfil your programme and project recruitment/staffing needs for an Interim Risk Manager using best practice guidelines to create, implement and support a risk management process that will ensure you keep on top of risks that could either hinder or advance your organisational programmes and projects. In particular:

  • Our experienced consultants are qualified and knowledgeable Interim Risk Managers whose techniques are in line with best practice products and methods.
  • By taking on a KPS Consultant to fulfil your need for an Interim Risk Manager, we can provide expert advice on how to mitigate risks based on our varied cross-industry experiences and knowledge of best practice methods.
  • Not only do we deal in Risk Management, but our consultants expertise spans across the complete field of Programme & Project Management (PPM) which can enhance the support offering our interim risk manager would provide.
  • We will be your single point of contact regarding all elements related to risk management.
  • An INterim Risk Manager from KPS will seamlessly integrate within your organisation and work with you to improve Risk Management across your organisational, its Programmes and Projects or indeed at a business operations level.
  • Our interim Risk Managers can be based either on site or off site.

Remember: Risk is sometimes ignored as it is misunderstood and misjudged in terms of value. It is useful to remember that risk isn't always negative, in fact taking a risk can often reap rewards through unveiling an opportunity that may not have initially been been apparent.

If you would like to discuss your needs for an interim risk manager or interim risk management needs, please contact KPS..

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