Change Management Workshops

'Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Vision combined with action can change the world' - Ancient Japanese proverb.

KPS Consultants' Change Management Workshops are designed to focus on the practical aspects of Change Management which is all about managing the inevitable evolution or growth of an organisation. Not a day goes by without change such as a new scientific discovery or a technological advancement, if we as organisations are not able to ‘keep up’ we could be left behind – those that are the ‘fittest’ or have been ‘naturally selected’ that is to say have responded creatively to new ways of working and thinking are those that will continue to prosper in both the near and distant future. So in essence, Darwin’s concept ‘Survival of the Fittest’ is still very much alive within businesses today!!

Specifically, the organisations we work in or rely upon can change on a dramatic scale in terms of, for example, strategic direction, general structure or processes used or perhaps the products and/or services the organisation provides. If changes associated with the aforementioned are not dealt with in a suitable manner it is likely that they will not be implemented or rolled out successfully and even possibly rejected by the very people that are required to adopt those changes.

The primary objective of KPS Consultants' Change Management Workshops is to help individuals learn about the psychology behind change and how to influence staff to embrace, accept and adopt change more openly, willingly and readily. Organisational improvement needs thoughtful planning and should be carried out sensitively so it is essential that all that are affected by changes to an organisation are involved in the strategy set out to implement that change. Therefore our change management workshops will focus heavily on understanding the various types of organisations and will aim to highlight the kind of personalities there are which will depict the likelihood of acceptance. The reason why the workshop focuses so heavily on the psychology behind change is simple – it is us (human beings/people) who ultimately determine wether change will be delivered successfully or not! If we can understand what makes humans ‘tick’, it is likely that we will be able to put in place a triumphant strategy for Change.

Benefits of attending Change Management Workshops are as follows:

  • Easy to understand and practical
  • Provides a useful insight to the principles of Change Management
  • Cost effective approach to educating a wide audience
  • Discover techniques and models that are easily applicable to your business
  • Share experiences and difficulties encountered regarding Change Management through discussions amongst other delegates
  • Use the session to get expert advice from KPS Consultants

Change Management Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants Change Management Workshops are aimed at Senior Executives or individuals undertaking any change initiatives or change projects and would like further information on the core principles of this topic to make it more efficient. Through past experience we recommend 5 to a very maximum of 10 delegates for any of our Change Management workshops to enable productive discussions and encourage interactivity.

Change Management Workshops > Level 1

KPS Consultants' Level 1 Change Management Workshop is a free of charge one hour workshop offered to clients to serve as a high level taster into the subject matter of Change Management. KPS Consultants currently offers Level 1 Change Management Workshops only to existing clients whom have an active framework agreement in place with KPS Consultants Ltd.

Change Management Workshops > Level 2

KPS Consultants' Level 2 Change Management Workshop is a half day introductory session into the ‘dynamic’ world of Change Management to cover the basic principles at a high level taking into account the three prime categories of Individual Change, Team Change and Organisational Change. The Level 2 Change Management Workshop is designed for senior management wishing to understand the key aspects behind change and to confirm if they feel it relevant for them or equally their employees to delve deeper into the intricacies and psychology behind Change Management.

The Level 2 Change Management Workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.

Change Management Workshops > Level 3

KPS Consultants' Level 3 Change Management Workshop is a full one day workshop covering the contents of the Level 1 and 2 Change Management Workshop in addition to:

  • A more detailed analysis on Individual Change, Team Change and Organisational Change
  • Understanding what Leadership is with specific relation to Leadership Change initiatives, the fourth primary category
  • Analysing how Change Leaders can encourage change and influence those who are opposing change
  • Taking you through models for understanding your organisations readiness for change
  • Techniques and useful tips to encourage an organisation that is generally more open to change

The Level 3 Change Management Workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.

Change Management Workshops > What Next

Change Management Workshop sessions usually take place at your own offices, however if you do not have the appropriate facilities KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location. Please feel free to discuss additional requirements directly with KPS Consultants and we will work to tailor our change management workshops to meet your specific needs.

KPS Consultants will provide delegates with reference materials, handouts and useful hints and tips that they can take away with them after the Change Management Workshop. Additionally, all delegates will receive a free exclusive gift courtesy of KPS Consultants.

Please note that there are no exams to be taken with any of our Change Management workshops. We do however offer accredited Change Management training solutions should delegates wish to undertake this route post attendance at one of KPS Consultants Change Management Workshops.

If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements for a single or series of Change Management Workshops please contact KPS Consultants by telephone or email to make an enquiry or booking.

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