MSP Workshops (Managing Successful Programmes)

KPS Consultants MSP Workshops are highly interactive MSP Workshops designed to focus on the core concepts and techniques of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) MSP best practice methodology.

OGC’s Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a robust programme management framework which has been designed to help organisations in both the public and private sector manage change, and deliver business benefits that are of strategic importance through a portfolio of projects. The first edition of MSP was released by the OGC in 1999; thereafter significant revisions were made in 2003 to capture the increasing experiences and knowledge of organisations using programme management. More recently, OGC in consultation with the programme management community has refreshed the MSP manual (2007) to ensure it remains truly one of the leading global standards for programme management.

MSP Workshops are designed to provide your organisation with an understanding of the robust nature of OGC's MSP programme management framework, its application and practical approach to effectively to deliver change and realise benefits through promoting, initiating and deploying MSP. Ultimately our MSP Workshops will enable you to learn how the MSP principles, MSP governance themes and MSP transformational flow should be applied pragmatically to deliver corporate strategies to increase market position and share holder value.

Benefits of MSP Workshops are as follows:

  • Cost effective approach to educating a wide audience.
  • Easy to understand and practical.
  • Provides a detailed or overview of OGC's MSP method.
  • Discover MSP Programme Management Techniques which can be applied to your organisation's environment.
  • Receive expert knowledge and tools to identify and manage programmes effectively with MSP .
  • Share experiences and difficulties encountered regarding programme management amongst other delegates.
  • Use the session to get expert advice from KPS Consultants' MSP workshop facilitator.

MSP Workshops > Audience

KPS Consultants MSP Workshops are geared towards organisational senior executives or individuals who are either practicing in the programme management field or those who would like to gain greater exposure to the MSP methodology and the MSP 2007 edition (Refresh).

MSP Workshops > Level 1

KPS Consultants' Level 1 MSP Workshop is a free of charge one hour workshop offered to clients to serve as a high level taster into the subject matter of MSP. KPS Consultants currently offers Level 1 MSP Workshops only to existing clients whom have an active framework agreement in place with KPS Consultants Ltd.

MSP Workshops > Level 2

KPS Consultants' Level 2 MSP Workshop is a half day (four hour) workshop on MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) covering The Why, Where and How of applying MSP in your organisation. Level 2 MSP Workshops provide delegates with excellent exposure into the exciting and challenging world of Managing Successful Programmes. These MSP Workshops are designed for senior management or those that are unsure as to whether MSP is the missing key ingredient in their organisations programme management strategy or simply want to know more before making substantial investments in sending all their employees on MSP training courses!

MSP Workshops > Level 3

KPS Consultants' Level 3 MSP Workshops are a full day (eight hour) workshop including the contents of the Level 1 and Level 2 MSP Workshop in addition to a closer examination of the following areas:

  • What are the drivers of change (Internal and External) – ‘PESTLE’.
  • The benefits of adopting OGC's MSP programme management approach.
  • To understand the seven universal principles of MSP that are needed for successful transformational change.
  • The nine themes that underpin good governance for programme management.
  • The overall process of delivering change through the MSP transformational flow with the inputs, activities and outputs for each flow process.
  • The roles and responsibility of the programme organisation and the importance of stakeholder management.
  • How to identify a Programme using MSP.
  • The relationship between the business case and effective stakeholder engagement.
  • How to create a Programme Plan in line with defining a Programme.
  • To understand the key ingredients of a strong MSP Vision Statement.
  • How to use MSP tranches to deliver your portfolio of projects.
  • Understand how to design a Blue Print and how to use it as markers for tranch assessments and reviews.
  • The importance of Control and Planning across cross project themes.
  • How to deliver the capability using MSP and change management.
  • How to use MSP for realising benefits (Short, Medium & Long Term).
  • How to use MSP to Close a Programme.
  • A summary of the key changes in the new OGC MSP 2007 (Refresh).

MSP Workshops > What Next ?

KPS Consultants MSP Workshops usually take place at your own offices/premises, however if you do not have the appropriate facilities KPS Consultants can arrange an alternative location.

The duration of our MSP Workshops are typically half a day to a maximum of one day. Please feel free to discuss additional custom requirements directly with KPS Consultants and we will work to tailor our MSP Workshops to meet your specific needs.

KPS Consultants will provide delegates with reference materials, handouts, case studies and useful hints and tips that they can take away with them post any MSP Workshops delivered. Additionally, all delegates attending MSP Workshops will receive a free gift courtesy of KPS Consultants.

Please note that there are no exams to be taken with any of our MSP Workshops, however we can offer workshop delegates discounted accredited MSP training solutions should they wish to undertake this route post attendance at one of KPS Consultants MSP Workshops.

If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements for either a single MSP Workshop or arrange a series of MSP Workshops please contact KPS Consultants by telephone to discuss or simply email your statement of requirements to us.

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